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The goal of neuronavigation, together with the use of intense field magnetic resonance tomography for intra-operative imaging, is to make possible certain operations and to reduce the morbidity rate and shorten postoperative care by increasing operational precision as well as improving the understanding of the individual anatomy whilst implementing more functional methods.

Seit Februar 2007 ist der neue Op mit dem offenen 1.5T MRI Siemens Espree (Projektleiter Prof.Dr.Fahlbusch) im INI in Betrieb

Neuronavigation is used for operations of tumors and angiomas in eloquent brain areas, during surgical treatment of epilepsy and surgeries on the base of the skull and the sella as well as for biopsies and interventional therapy. Intra-operative MRI offers the possibility to control tumor resection as well as to use interventional methods. Intra-operative images and neuronavigation compensates the brain shift that occurs during an operation.


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